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Brain Dookie

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Brain Dookie - 20 Years of Art by Terry S. Mayo

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When i started this book. I wasn`t sure what all I should include. I dug through my life`s collection of drawings. It was a three day event for me. Overwhelmed with the amount of designs I had to choose from, I decided to start from the first design I was paid to do. The image on this page was sold for $250. It was used by a martial arts supply company. I was 16 years old and it was 1986. That was twenty years ago and i have made a living as an illustrator ever since. For awhile I wanted to draw comics for a living, but that never really worked out in my favor. Most of the images in the comic section were done before I was 20. That´s when I got into tattooing.

I landed my first job in the tattoo idustry at 21. I saved my pennies, and at 26, opened CAT TATTOO, the first all custom tattoo studio in Addison, Texas. I´m still running the shop and tattooing at 36. The bulk of these designs were done in the last ten years since I opened the shop.

Even though not all this work is about tattoos, I hope these pages assist you in designing the best tattoos you can.

Titel: Brain Dookie - 20 years of Art by Terry S. Mayo
Autor: Terry S. Mayo
Artikel Nr.: 07155
Seiten: 124 Seiten
Cover: Softcover
Format: 21,5 cm x 28 cm
ISBN: 978-0-9790117-5-7